According to the official document of the “Federazione Nazionale dell’Ordine dei Medici Nazionali ed degli Odontoiatri” –Italian Medical and Dental Surgery Association-, face masks are recommended and not mandatory for healthcare personnel or patients thus not mandatory for everyone.

Already in the PREMISE the document reports:

[…] the denial of false news that is not supported by reliable sources is very important in order to avoid further personal, social and economic damage: anxiety and, in some cases, psychosis as a the result of uncontrolled and alarmist news, can lead to totally unjustified discrimination of entire population groups, even if only on the basis of ethnicity, and damage important economic sectors (such as tourism, tradecatering).

Moreover, excessive ‘unnecessary prevention’ can overload and clog up health services, induce unnecessary health costs (e.g. protective masks, useless diagnostic tests, unnecessary examinations), and divert important resources.

On the other hand, all those individual and social behaviours that are non-medical and at little or no cost, which are also useful to prevent and mitigate other pathologies and to strengthen social and psychological cohesion and support, which are also fundamental at a time of crisis, especially in individualistic societies such as those in the West, should be encouraged [] form: Document Covid-19, the SARS-CoV-2 disease‘ – page 3

At page 32 of the same document, it also indicates how to manage the use of masks in the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) section:

“ It is useful to reiterate that they are only recommended for healthcare workers or individuals with an established or suspected infection to decrease the risk of contagion to close contacts.”

Covid-19, the SARS-CoV-2 disease‘ – page 32

If the Italian Medical and Dental Surgery, which is part of the CTS, gave this technical and professional indication, why did politics do the opposite? The reason is related to a Neuro-Linguistic Re-Programming to induce people to accept even illogical impositions.

Even the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) – Superior Health Insitute -, which keeps count of the hospitalised, sick and recoverd patients, yields to blackmail and falls in line with the lie.

Below I point out that the ISS website had made an update on 2 February 2020 in which it explicitly states the following in the photo and then removed the update as you can see for yourself by clicking on before and after.



FCA, ex-FIAT, in 2020 becomes main partner of the Government Executive. The replenishment Plan so called Domenico Arcuri Plan, (Domenico Arcuri the former FCA/F.I.A.T. Covid-19 Special Commissioner) , allowed the reconversion of FCA plants from cars to masks.

It has been estimated that FCA/FIAT ownership, John ElkannExorGEDI Group (LaStampa, Il SecoloXIX, Repubblica, L’Espresso and more), will earn a huge amount of extra millions with this swifting operation.  

In facts, the ‘PATTO DELLA MASCHERINA‘ will generate a turnover of €13.5 million/day, guaranteed by the Italian Government or €400 million a month, and almost €5 billion a year. That  is the equivalent of 70% of the full FCA Group’s operating income.

SOLUTIONAll it would have taken was for the Italians and the majority of the world’s population to have refused to budge by giving force, through their behaviour, to the lie!


An informed citizen cannot be fooled!

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